The CS.Tour learning activity and partnership meeting took place in Cyprus

The week from 7 to 11 November, the CS. Tour partnership met for yet another time, this time in beautiful Cyprus. Host of the 5-days activity and 2-days management meeting was the Cypriot partner, MMC Management Centre, who provided their premises and lovely hospitality. 

Representatives from all partner countries had the opportunity to come together and present the work that has been done in the previous months. In particular, each partner presented their work regarding the project’s training curriculum, methodological guide and trainers’ material in order for the other partners to understand, comment upon and later transfer at national level. The participants were able to exchange experiences and good practices and analyse new ideas and solutions. Finally, effective training techniques, real world cases and best practices were presented making the learning activity an interactive session which created the motivation which will enable the consortium to work more productively and to achieve a concrete and European product that will promote cultural awareness and social skills in the tourism and hospitality sector.

In parallel, the 3rd consortium meeting took place where partners’ participants reviewed the work done and took decisions on the steps to follow!

Our project has now entered its second year so stay tuned for more updates regarding the national trainings! Hold on to your seats, CS.Tour is speeding up!!!!